In discussions of the power of causal explanations, one often finds a commitment to two premises. The first is that, all else being equal, a causal explanation is powerful to the extent that it cites the full causal history of why the effect occurred. The second is that, all else being equal, causal explanations are powerful to the extent that the ...

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Causal models provide a promising framework for analyzing actual causation. Such analyses must include how a model should map onto the world. While universally endorsed that a model must be accurate – saying only true things – the implications of this aren’t explored. I argue that, surprisingly, accuracy is not had by a model tout court, but ...

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Philosophical discussions of causal faithfulness have been predominantly situated within the social sciences—the traditional domain of application of the causal modeling techniques it attends. Recently, there has been increasing interest in applying such techniques to uncover causal relationships in biological systems. In this paper, I consider t...

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This paper elucidates an important feature of type-level causal relationships that is critical for understanding why disasters occur in sociotechnical systems. Using an interventionist theory, the paper explicates a concept, causal delay, to characterize differences between how rapidly or slowly interventions can make a difference to their effects....

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