Special Issue Submission Information

There are two special issues (SI) of the journal Philosophy of Science associated with the conference. The December 2023 issue will have accepted Contributed papers and the Presidential Address of Alison Wylie. The December 2024 issue will have accepted Symposia papers and the Presidential Address of John Dupre.

Acceptance decisions regarding Contributed papers have already been sent out. Authors whose contributed papers were selected for publication have until January 25, 2023, to finalize their paper and submit it through the journal's Editorial Manager.

Submission of Symposia papers for consideration for the December 2024 Special Issue of Philosophy of Science:

All presenters in accepted symposia at PSA 2022 are eligible to submit an article-length version of their talk for consideration for inclusion in the Special Issue of the journal Philosophy of Science. The submitted paper should reflect the content of the talk (including, when relevant, discussions that arose out of the talk and symposium itself).

Keep in mind that paper submissions are strictly limited to 5,000 words all inclusive - title, abstract, body, notes, figures, and references. Count figures and tables by estimating the number of words they would displace on a journal page. They estimate that each figure/table displaces approximately 140 words. For reasons of space, if your submitted paper exceeds this limit, it will be rejected.

The deadline for submitting a paper for the symposia special issue is April 15, 2023. The reviewing process will be through Dryfta. The Dryfta portal for submission will be made available by February, and an email will be sent out to all symposia participants at that time, letting them know that it is now available.

Philosophy of Science is published by the Cambridge University Press (CUP).  As part of the organization's agreement with CUP, we have committed to sending only those manuscripts that will require minimal copyediting. Philosophy of Science follows the conventions of the Chicago Manual of Style. Please review the formatting guidelines at https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/philosophy-of-science/information/author-guidelines and format your paper accordingly.

Decisions on the special issue should be available by late June, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact the Program Chair, Holly Andersen, at psa2022@philsci.org.

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